Pink purple candy frock

By Sunbird Sews - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pink purple frock dress for little girl with neck pearl embroidery and gathered skirt color blocked dress

 With the boom in designing industry nowadays just by sitting at home we can get fabrics printed with whatever digital design we can think of. But this is only for the gizmo addicted generation. What about our dear grandparents?

Well for them showing the fancy fabrics available now is something miraculous. My grandmother who is nearing ninety and still loves to sew but unfortunately cannot do it because of the dear old sewing machine not being as active as her. She still has all the enthusiasm in her to hear about the latest trends in sewing and the designer world. She recently came to me with a yard of couple of fabrics. Both mercerized cotton and solid colors. One in pink and purple. She wanted me to make some tiny frocks to fit her little great grand daughter. I thought for a while and suggested I would mix them both and make one frock instead. She was fine with this idea too.

The challenging part for me was to make something cute from this for a little girl to wear. When there are so many frocks with super cute prints for little ones , a plain frock in solid color would not do justice for the little one. So I thought I would do some fabric printing. That was just a thought that drifted away as it came. Finally I settled down with the idea of  embroidering the neckline.  See the close up view of the embroidery in the first image. Its not kiddish but still I wanted to do something simple and add some pearls to make it look out. I nearly took an hour to embroider that tiny neckline!
Pink Purple candy

Pink purple frock for little girl with neck pearl embroidery and gathered skirt color blocked dress wooden buttons back like candy dress

For the skirt I thought of doing some color blocking and making a gathered skirt for complete freedom at playtime. Somehow the solid bright pink and not-so-bright purple combination reminded me of a candy I used to eat as a child. Though I do not have the exact image of that one I found a very similar one on google. Check it out above. I chose to make the skirt like that candy and Voila! the name 'A Candy Frock' emerged.
Pink purple frock dress for little girl with neck pearl embroidery and gathered skirt color blocked dress wooden buttons back

Finally this is what it the completed frock looks like from the back. I added some wooden buttons at. They look good with this bright solid pink bodice. By the way, I wanted to write a post about this before the girl received here dress. But somethings delayed this post and the dress has already reached its recipient. The great grandmother and great granddaughter both are happy with the dress. The day the little one received the dress , she was clad in some polyester frock in the scorching summer and crying for some reason. When she was made to wear this cool cotton frock she forgot all her worries and began to play again is what I heard. I was too happy to hear that. My efforts paid off!

Randomly asking, what does this combination of pink and purple remind you of ?

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