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By Sunbird Sews - Monday, May 15, 2017

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I still remember that day when my grandmother taught me to thread the sewing needle. She was happy that her granddaughter was learning something new,but I could see it in her face that she was equally worried that I would not prick or hurt myself.

After she saw my confidence in hand sewing she taught me to use the sewing machine. I was very satisfied creating numerous items for the home, clothing for my doll, bags, purses , all with fabric scraps. But this was the story back then as a school going child.

Today after twenty years, I have the same enthusiasm to sew but fabric scraps do not satiate my thirst for fancy fabrics. I feel like the colorful tiny sunbird happy to go spider(fabric) hunting and satisfying my undying desire for sewing. I hope to make my sewing adventures online in this blog.Hoping to meet the other sewing birds who probably also blog!!

So Sunbird sews is going to be about handmade clothing. I shall also write about what I make for all the kind and pleasant people who come to me for tailoring services. I shall share information on where we can buy the best of fabrics for less in India and about buying fabrics online in India. Of course many online stores ship internationally too, so if you are interested in the plethora of Indian fabrics, stay tuned. The main focus area shall remain clothing for women, girls and boys. Of course I do indulge in creating bags and home decor stuff once in a while too.I believe that fashion must be affordable and comfortable, at the same time very fashionable.

You will follow along wont you :) ?

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