By Sunbird Sews - Sunday, April 01, 2018

Hey all !! Its been a while since I posted anything. I am working on some project or other that I never found time to look into this blog. All the updates from my sewing room is up on facebook, in case you are interested to check it out.
But I do have some plans of a series for this blog. Hopefully soon.

Today I have some good news for all of you who stitch. I am moving out to a new place which is smaller than the current one. So I have decided to part with some of my sewing  books/Magazines/patterns(with a heavy heart). To create space.

I have hoarded a lot of books and many because I have two or three similar books about the same topic. So I decided to destash one of them in each topic to create space. I purchased them all for a dear price, but I am de-stashing them for really less. I want to clear up space as soon as possible! In case you are interested please send me an email


You may also fill up the below form and I will send you all photos and images of everything I am de-stashing.

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Thanks for reading my blog and Happy Sunday!

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