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By Sunbird Sews - Monday, May 15, 2017

sunbirdsews sunbird sews clothing brand logo created by hand drawing converted to electronic image dress bird in logo

Well Sunbird sews is not a clothing brand (at least as of now). But I wanted to make a little logo and at least use it here on the blog or other online places. I spent quite a lot of time on this, drew random things on oodles of white paper, finally settled with the idea of a gown and a bird. Sunbird sews is not just about clothing and not just about clothing for women. It will be much more about sewing for children, sewing for home too. But women and clothing is going to be the focus area. So that is what the logo tries to shout out.

Let me add a little description of what I intend to convey by the logo. Pretty simple, I wanted the logo to convey the name right away. Hence, I decided to be very specific and use the silhouette of a sunbird with its long curved pointed beak and a dress. Humming birds also belong to the category of sunbirds. The humming bird silhouette drawing nectar from a flower is a very popular one and common on wallpapers and calendars. I was inspired by this idea and instead of the bird drawing nectar I drew the bird as if it is tying the bow belt for the gown.

So ultimately it shall mean that the 'This little sewing sunbird adds elegance to all the garments it sews'.

A little note on the creation process. I drew it and converted it to an electronic image myself. It was a new experience and fun learning through the entire process of creating a logo. Though I am not very proficient with the online tools and soft wares required for designing a logo, I spent a lot of time googling it up! And finally I am very happy the way things turned out.

Do you have an experience of creating a logo yourself? Or if you have any tips in this area then feel free to add it in the comments please.

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