Lace edged waistcoat

By Sunbird Sews - Saturday, May 27, 2017

Do you have some items in your closet which you have outgrown or grown to not-love. Either because its outdated or you wore it a lot of times. Whatever be the reason , I am sure I feel many reading this would give a nod. Well I too have a lot of such clothing, which I generally donate. But there are some special things which we do not want to part though we do not use because there is something special about them. Either someone special gifted them or there is pleasant memory associated with it. Well that is enough of nostalgic talk now, let me get back to business and discuss about the clothing which I decided to refashion and what I made of them!
Mens shirt refashion to waistcoat casual shawl collar baggy fit lace hem fringe windsor hotpatterns

The first one is a black mens shirt given to me by husband as he has too many black formal shirts. He likes it a lot yet generously told I could upcycle it. This one was from a reputed brand and the sheen of the cotton twill was still obvious. So I decided to refashion it to a waistcoat. I was looking for something casual not a fitted one. So I chose a style which is baggy and a shawl collar. I completely lined it too. After I made the waistcoat I realized it looked too black and boring. So I pepped it up with some contrast white lace. I guess it is a coincidence that recently I worked with lace to make this pretty top.
The second refashioning was one of my dresses which I wrote about here.
Finally I would like to say it was fun converting the shirt. I am going to use this waistcoat often for sure. He is also happy his shirt will be worn by me as a waist coat.

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