Boho wrap skirt

By Sunbird Sews - Saturday, May 27, 2017

What do you do with clothes that no longer fit you ? I donate them , unless the dress is something too special like the vest that I made and blogged about here. This was one such dress I purchased to mark an occasion. So though the empire waistline never fit me well and was tight from when I purchased it(I was too excited to try it out before I bought), I did wear it quite a number of times.
Blue biba dress colorful boho empire waist womens transformed to wrap skirt with contrast waistband

Finally, I decided to rip it open and convert it to a boho top. I ripped the seams at the waist to notice that there was a lot of fabric used for this gathered skirt. Had I made a top a lot of fabric would remain.This colorful print was something I adore too much to waste it, so I decided to transform it into a wrap skirt. I added a contrast waistband and lo the boho wrap skirt was born.

Did you ever cut through your favourite dress.. Or would you allow anyone to do it ?

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