Sari refashioning, some thoughts

By Sunbird Sews - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Convert indian cotton saree to dress pallu design kota cotton sari refashioning upcycle

Saree(Sari) is the traditional attire for Indian women , which will never go out of fashion. It
transforms itself into something more beautiful every time the fashion trends change.
In Bangalore, the current generation girls and ladies prefer draping a saree only for special occasions. If someone has a lot of sarees in their closet, those pretty fabrics will get to see daylight not so frequently. Many choose to get something stitched from their sarees. After all it is a whole 6 to 6.5 yards of pretty fabric , which can be refashioned into almost anything.

A friend of mine who gave me a couple of yards of this Kota cotton saree to make a simple kurti(dress) for herself. Thankfully she is in no hurry and I can make it at my leisure,probably I will take it up in May or June.

Let me brief a little on the material. Kota cotton is made by a traditional weaving technique which results in the fabric having small square checks pattern. (To read more about Kota Doria -See this link . The post talks about Kota cotton and the way it looks )
Convert indian cotton saree to dress pallu design kota cotton sari refashioning upcycle

The fabric is quite crisp and requires to be lined. It is not a material I would suggest for making a dress for well built figures. As a saree of course it looks crisp when draped on shape. The entire saree is quite plain except the pallu part which is a little colorful, but it is only a tiny portion of the complete saree. I have zoomed on to the colorful pallu part in these pics. The pallu print quite unsuitable to directly transform it to a dress. Looks like some brain work needed here, for a proper layout before cutting.

I am excited to work on this and upcycle this saree to a dress. Hope you are curious to see how this saree can be refashioned too! Have you indulged in refashioning a saree anytime ?

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Update: I completed converting this sari into a dress / kurti. There is not much to write about it so I decided to simply add on to this post instead of writing a new one. You can have a look at the dress by clicking the link here.

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  1. Beautiful Red Colour Sarees.Looking So Nice

  2. Wonderful kota saree work.


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